Hypnotherapy Fees and Session Information

Hypnotherapy initial consultation – £60.00

(including FREE Relaxation CD)

Consultations generally last 50 minutes to an hour. This gives you the opportunity to explain why you want hypnotherapy and enables me to assess your needs.

During the initial consultation I’ll explain the neuroscience around what happens in our brains when we suffer from emotional problems such as anxiety or depression.  Or why we find it difficult to stop smoking or lose weight. Most people find this interesting and highly relevant. I’ll also explain what you can expect during hypnosis. We’ll agree an approximate number of sessions and I’ll give you a Relaxation CD to listen to between the sessions.

Subsequent hypnotherapy session fees – £60.00 per session

Subsequent clinical hypnotherapy sessions last for up to an hour. Each session follows the same format.  We begin by reviewing how things have been since the last session. We revise how the mind works and I’ll introduce other relevant theories and concepts.  This is followed by questions designed to get you thinking about possible solutions – a fundamental part of the therapy, where you will have to work the hardest! Finally, we use hypnosis, which most people find very relaxing, to consolidate the therapeutic work.

Clinical hypnotherapy for specific phobias – £60 per session

This takes 4 sessions including the initial consultation. After the initial consultation, there’s a general hypnotherapy session similar to that described above. The third session uses the Rewind technique, which neutralises your traumatic memories associated with the phobia. The fourth and final session includes the Reframe technique which is used for creating a more valid response to the situation that had caused you fear and distress in the past.  

Clinical hypnotherapy to stop smoking – £150.00

The stop smoking session lasts from 90 minutes to two hours and includes the initial consultation.  You’ll also be given a free relaxation CD to listen to at home. This is an important part of the process that helps consolidate the work done during the session. 

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be extremely effective for stopping smoking when combined with a person’s full commitment. Some willpower is required.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Clinical hypnotherapy fees are payable 24 hours in advance of each session. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or by debit/credit card.  The following cards are accepted:

    • American Express
    • Maestro
    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • Visa Electron

NB: Clinical hypnotherapy fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that I require 48 hours notice for cancelled appointments and reserve the right to charge the full session fee outside of this notice period. Missed appointments will be charged at the full rate.

NB: Clinical hypnotherapy is effective.  However, as with all therapies, success in not guaranteed and full client commitment is important. Listening to the CD between sessions is a vital element in the process and participation is required. This will be fully explained in the initial consultation.