Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help reduce the sounds you hear so that you can get on with enjoying your life. Hypnotherapy for tinnitus aims to:

    • reduce your awareness of the sounds so that you’re less bothered by them.
    • help you manage the day to day stresses of life more calmly and confidently (anxiety and stress can make tinnitus worse).
    • teach you how to relax.
    • explain what happens in the brain so that you can make sense of your problem and understand why you have tinnitus.

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What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is noise that sounds like ringing, buzzing, whistling, roaring, etc., which comes from inside your head. It can be heard in either one or both of your ears or from the middle of your head. Sometimes if can be difficult to tell exactly where the noise is coming from.

Does hypnotherapy for tinnitus work?

Hypnotherapy has been well researched as an effective treatment. One study at the Hôpital Charles Nicolle in France, which looked at the role of hypnotherapy in the treatment of debilitating tinnitus, found there was a 68% improvement. It concluded, “Hypnotherapy can be regarded as an effective treatment against distressing tinnitus.”

What are the causes?

Tinnitus is thought to be caused by a problem in the way that the ear hears sound and how the brain interprets this information. It’s thought that the limbic system, the part of our brain responsible for our emotions, perceives the sounds to be a threat or a danger. This raises our awareness of the sounds and therefore we hear them as being louder or more frequent.

It’s often associated with hearing loss caused by inner ear damage. Other causes can be due, for example, to a build-up of ear wax, a perforated ear drum or a middle ear infection. More rarely it may develop as a result of a head injury, anaemia, diabetes or other health condition. Certain medications may also cause tinnitus as a side effect. For around a third of people, the cause is not clear.

It’s always best to seek medical advice if you’re suffering with tinnitus to rule out any underlying condition.


There are a number of things that you can do to help yourself:

    • See your GP to find out if something treatable is causing it, e.g. a build up of ear wax.
    • Find out more about the causes. Understanding more about the problem will ease your mind that it’s not related to something more serious.
    • Try not to worry about it. Stress and anxiety tend to make it worse.
    • Learn to relax.
    • Keep busy (but don’t overdo it!) with things that you enjoy and become engrossed in. This will help to reduce your awareness of the sounds.
    • If you find the noises are more noticeable when it’s quiet play soothing music quietly in the background.